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Customer Testimonials

Shout out to grassroot for sending me my parasite cleanse herbs thawadah ✊🏾...I wanted to at least do the cleanse before giving a review, and I must say it’s not for the faint of heart however my mind feels clearer, eyes whiter, skin glowing, & it definitely cleaned my Insides out, cuz the six pack is back!

 - Ahch Wordz

Since this Parasite cleanse ne-ve rest
Felt so good I was always tired,had no energy sleeping all day.
Stay months without combing my hair it had look so damage dirty Brown colour .
Now I have so much energy my hair shines I comb it almost everyday and this is just my first week,I don't fall asleep like before .My brains is not all over the place.This time my husband and I doing it together.Even my swollen legs are reduce, no more pain when I am working no knee pain.
I cannot believe this.

 - Brenilda Roosberg

Shalom everyone #Testimony

Last night i made the colon cleanse sis from grass root suggest.  I weighed myself before taking it. I was 226 pounds. I was pooping for 3 a.m. to after 9 this morning. I checked the scale I was 219. That cleanse really works. Thanks sis!

 - Healthis Ny

Late last year i reach out to grass root botanicals about the problems i was having with my overactive thyroid she recommend i do a gallbladder flush which i did January month end these are my updates. My acne have dried up since i did the cleanse and my belly have decrease in size significantly it seem flat again my period came during the cleanse and i pass out so much clot and it didnt last long as it usually does only 3 days instead of 6 to 7 days. I am still only eating food, vegetables and drinking my tea. I have not consume any bread, flour, junk food, sugar, rice or meat it was hard at first but after the first two days your body adjust and you must drink lots of water i sleep better and my energy level is high i feel so refresh and light. I would recommend all of us to cleanse our body every three month get on the program everyone the only problem for me is getting the herbs i needed here in jamaica but thanks to grass root.

 - Kay-ann Francis -Watson

Shalom family, I’m just checking on everyone doing the cleanse. I can see some benefits of this cleanse where there are a couple of things that was bothering me, but has gotten way better. Plus I have lost roughly 30lbs so far. Keep pressing we need each other to make it through this. All praises to TMH POWER !!!

 - Zacariah Hill

Parasite Cleanse Update
Day 1: In the bathroom all day
Day 2: Parasite tea(disgusting) this was the first time i tasted bitter herbs( lots of water), Probiotics.(back of my throat was burning like I had strep throat)
Day 3: I am starving. I had to make the cabbage soup and drink water(I lost some belly fat, very noticeable)
Day 4: juiced cucumbers,ginger, peppers, pumpkin ( did not like the taste of pumpkin)
Day 5,6,7: I was not hungry at all (weighed myself and lost 15 lbs)
Day 8: Still not hungry( hanging in there though)

 - Brian Girard

Shalom/Peace to all.
I want to share this Testimony. I just want to give thanks and praises to the Most High for Sister Angellia from grass root may Abba bless you in abundants,for sharing your wisedom with us. I was suffering with fibroid for years,in Holland i found this out last year 18 June 2018. I was bleeding heavy and pains i would lay on the floor to get some kindda ease for the pains. After seeing a video of her explaining Fixing Pcos and ulterine Fibriods, i realise it was me. I was scared i made an appointment with a specialist she told me that i had a big one and i had to remove my womb at that time it was 6cm. There was no tablets to shrink it so i had to return after 2months to see if it had grown. When it reach the size of 10cm then i must remove my womb. I left Holland and went to live with my family in England. There the pain got worse i knew i had to do something about it i did not want to loose my womb. I remeber the video from our sister. I was scared to ask in the group so i send our sister a personal app in Feb this year 2019 she responded in a day. After getting the herbs I began to to use them, and made an appointment with a specialist His words where this is a difficult one its on the top of your womb we have to do something about it. Then he messured it and said,wait it looks like its opening.
The fibroid is shrinking he said . Last year in Holland it was 6cm.
From the day i started to take the herbs this was at the beginning of March 2019 i did not stop.The specialist he said its now 5 1/2 cm June 28 2019 last your June 2019 it was 6cm. Now June 2019 5 1/2 cm.
From March 2019 to June 28 it shronk 1/2cm. And im loosing weight as well. I pray that my Testimony can help someone in this group or someone you know. I refuse to take out my womb. When Abba made us he said he made us prefect, we are the ones who has to take care of our bodies. I am really glad for this group and the support. Stay bless.
Thank you sis.

  - Brelinda Rooseberg

22 of August AD 2020
Hi Grassroots!
I wanted to tell you that your products have proved to be and excellent bit of medicine
for my family. I have a family member who had a tough fight with “the virus”. He was
hospitalized for two weeks where he had a terrible time with most of the staff (there
were a few decent ones) they left him half clean after bowel movements and he never
had a bath of any kind.
When he was discharged he was very, very weak (and smelled strange) and in a great
deal of pain and his head hung down because he did not have the strength to lift it. He
had swollen legs, skin breakdown on the buttocks, back of the legs and cracks in his
skin and underarms (laying in bed was painful)l... accelerated heart rate that had to be
managed by meds, his breathing had to be monitored with an oximeter, he could not
move without severe pain and was unable to walk. Bed baths and bed pans were the
norm and wheelchair was out of the question as it was too painful for him to attempt.
Oh I could go on!!! Let me pause to say in the name of Jesus Christ, we praise God;
God is so good and we thank him for his blessing and his merciful grace.
We got your Parasite cleanse/candida cleanse and your Respiratory Immune Support
(among a few other natural things we had) and they really helped. I started giving him
the the products as a tea all day. When the tea was finished, I just refilled his drinking
glass. His skin began to shed drastically, and the oximeter went from between 88-92-94
reading to a more steady 96-98. He slowly went from bed pan, to potty chair to
bathroom with help to bathroom by himself. He used the wheelchair ONCE, then he
used the walker; sat in the car (after over one month including hospitalization) and
drove us around. He could NOT sit before because of skin breakdown and weakness.
He then used our shoulders to go from house to car for a few days; next he walked on
his own and the next week he got on the track and did tiny runs for 2 mins and he has
since improved to the point where he is doing sprints on the beach. His bed sores and
skin breakdown have healed completely. And our friends and family cannot believe the
Thank so much for the care and consideration you take in putting these herbs together
for immediate use. They were indeed a key component in his recovery. Praise God
So a quick story ...yesterday, out of nowhere I felt really lightheaded, dizzy and
nauseous. I couldn’t move or walk because my head felt so very heavy, I was not able
to even crawl to the bathroom or lift my head. I really don’t know if it was something I
ate or drank something that day. My daughter encouraged me to try drinking some
water..., I had some water...and I waited maybe 20 minutes; nothing.

I started to feel dizzy to the point where I couldn’t properly turn around in bed and I
asked my daughter to make me some of your parasite cleanse (no time for protocol). I
just took it as a tea ... (’s extremely bitter ) but after about 15 minutes or so I was at
least 85% better and I could get up and was able to use the bathroom (both unrination
and bm) it continued maybe in about half an hour intervals for one hour and a half..
each time I felt increasingly better. I steeped the herbs some more and after a good
nights sleep I am almost back to normal. I kept drinking the tea twice a day; and within
a day or two the very very low ebb of dizziness disappeared. Thank God.
I really appreciate your product. It is a blessing and a I thank God that I had it in on
hand to use.

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