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Our Parasite Yeast and Candida herbal formula consist of specific Herbs used for the elimination of Parasites and yeast in the body. It is recommend to eliminate fruits, processed foods, dairy products and sugary products while consuming this herbal formula.


Proprietary blend: wormwood, Oregon grapr root, Elacampane, Cloves, Black walnut hull, Pau D'arco.


Vegetable capsules.


Store in a cool dry place. 

Keep out of reach of children.

BEST IF USED BY: 12/01/25


These statements are not supported by the FDA, this item is not intended to diagnose, tread or cure any illnesses.

Herbal medicines should be avoided by pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding. Please consult with your Medical professional before consuming herbal supplements.

Parasite Candida/Yeast Capsules

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