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We bring you a hand crafted ayurveda herbal hair growth oil that is a perfect addition to any ones' healthy hair journey. This Oil helps to repair hair loss, shedding, and overall lack luster hair. It also works to stimulate hair growth, increase blood flow to scalp, nourish your hair strands. In addition to those amazing benefits this blend can be used to soften hair strands, leading to decreased shedding and breakage. Promotes a healthy scalp environment which also contributes to hair growth.

TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties

MAIN BENEFITS: Strengthrns hair and reduce breakage and shedding, Soothes scalp inflammation, reduce dandruff.

WHO SHOULD USE IT: Anyone can benefit from the protein and anti-inflammatory properties found in our herbal oil. Those with dry hair may notice added softness and shine and significant reduce breakage.


INGREDIENTS: Fenugreek, Moringa, ayurveda herbal formula, Oil  blend.

Organic Fenugreek & Moringa Herbal Hair Growth Oil

  • No return or refund on herbal products

  • You will not pay for shipping during check-out

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