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Kidney stones can be one of the most painful and frightening experiences. The pain is immense, and most people rush to the Emergency Room and spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Making matters worse, medical professionals almost always recommended surgery, even for the smallest of kidney stones, adding significantly more cost and pain. Passing a kidney stone doesn't have to be complicated or costly.

This herbal protocol helps to dissolve kidney stones and stones in the urinary tract. The herbs in our formula breaks down stones and makes them easier to be eliminated. This formula also help promote urination and relieve pain.


IMPORTANT: This is intended to be a support protocol and not a replacement for professional diagnosis and guidance. People with kidney infection or acute pain from the kidney stones should seek medical help immediately.


While purchasing this product, please make sure to DOWNLOAD the PDF instruction at the end of your purchase. A herbal formula will be shipped to you. 


These ststements have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnosed, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Kidney Stones Removal

  • Please click the link at the end of your purchase to download the file to your email.

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