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PRODUCTS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE US. Please contact us if you are outside of the United States.

Our Breast and Lymphatic protocol is a protocol designed to drain the lymphatic system, aid in proper dispersion of lymphatic fluid, aid with lymphatic stagnation, lymphedema, acne, boils, fluids filled cysts, fibrocystic breast disease and focuses on the health of the circulatory system.

Proprietary herbs: 
Lymphatic formula: Echinacea, Burdock root, Red clover, Blue violet, Figwort.
Parasite cleanse: Wormwood, Oregon grape root, Pau D'arco, Uva Ursi, Cloves, Dandelion.
Reproductive formula: Dong quai, Vitex, Ginger, Chapparal, Nettle, Rehmannia, Red raspberry leaves, 

The program is designed to help you jump start your journey to a healthier lifestyle while assisting the body to repair itself.


INSTRUCTION: Add the protocol to your cart and click the DOWNLOAD button at the end of your purchase and the entire INSTRUCTION will be sent to the email you provided during your visit to Grass root botanicals. (Please  notify us if you did not get the instruction in your email and we will promptly resend it). You will receive Herbal Formulas for this protocol/Detox in the mail. Don't forget to leave your correct name and full address so we can ship your Herbal Formulas in a timely manner.

Please consult with your medical professional if you are pregnant, nursing or on prescribed medications.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and service are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Breast And Lymphatic Detox

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