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A Master Herbalist Patrick Delves Protocol.


This program is a suggestion to assist the body in repairing viruses (HIV, HTLV, HPV, HEP B, HEP C, HSV 1&2 (HERPES), Cytomegalo Virus, etc.) *All information provided is for educational and research purposes only.*


Our 45 day antiviral Detox protocol comes with a structured regimen (including a dietary plan) and herbal formulas to consume during the detox. The herbs included are carefully formulated for this specific detox. 


Proprietary blend: Hyssop, Thyme, Red clover, Dandelion, Elder flower, Olive leaf, Astragalus, St. John's worth, Licorice root, Echinacea, Violet, Cleaver, Lovage.


Product package includes :(1 anti-viral herbal formula, 1 anti-viral herbal tincture, olive leaf extract, 1 parasite cleanse herbal formula)



Attention: All individuals are strongly encouraged to consult with a licensed healthcare professional such as a physician. Contact your healthcare provider if you have a serious illness and are on medications.

Information and statements regarding the 45 day Antiviral Program have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


(A protocol by Master Herbalist Patrick Delve) Don't forget to leave your correct name and  address so we can ship your Herbal Formulas in a timely manner


*These views are not supported by the FDA, this item is not intended to diagnose, tread or cure any illnesses.*

Herbal medicines should be avoided by pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding. Please consult with your Medical professional before consuming.

45 Day Anti-Virus Detox Cleanse - With Herbal Formulas

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