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Herbal formula: (Saw palmetto, Sage, Nettle, Pau'Darco, Wormwood, Uva ursi, Cloves, Dandelion).

Our Prostate Detox is a protocol/regimen with a dietary plan and herbal formulas.. The herbs included are carefully formulated to help with detoxing and repairing the digestive and endocrine system. The protocol may assist in shrinking an enlarged prostate, eliminating inflammation of the prostate, urinary tract, and bladder and repair other prostate illnesses not mentioned here. This protocol includes the full INSTRUCTION (which will be DOWNLOADED to your email at the end of your purchase). It also includes herbal formula, which you will be consuming during the program. Each of our herbal formulas comes with full instructions on how to prepare on stove top. Please DOWNLOAD the program at the end of your purchase and check your email for the link. Don't forget to leave your correct name and full address so we can ship your Herbal Formulas in a timely manner

DISCLAIMER: This method of cleansing is not for children. If you suffer from any health conditions or if you are taking prescription medications, please consult with your medical professional BEFORE you begin this or any other cleanse.

Prostate Cleanse with Herbal Formula

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